“We think that presentation is everything. Your client expects that you provide the best solution there is!”

Miratunes, a solely owned company of Zen Vision Media, Inc. is a growing international entertainment, management, and production and distribution company focused on providing current (hip and fun) as well as classical entertainment/media content to the Vietnamese community.

Fast becoming the world’s leading promoter, producer and presenter of content producer, Miratunes will expand into all other Asian communities as well as USA Pop Culture and performances.

Miratunes produces and distributes original and exclusive music content, TV programming (reality/game shows, sitcoms, movies, etc.), live concerts and web casts, international movies and movie video content, digital cable networking, fashion shows, in-flight entertainment, DVD’s and CDs  and expanding to other Asian communities with country-specific entertainment as well as USA pop culture entertainment.

Miratunes also provide subscription services through various other organizations and retailers, such as major cellular phone companies, etc. and will also have accessible merchandise from major fashion designers, ring tones, VOD and various other product offerings.

Stay tuned for more exciting venues in the Asian entertainment community offered through Miratunes, and rapid expansion into the other Asian entertainment arenas!

“We deliver fast, focused and timely videos, audio books, downloads, interviews and products of your favorite Vietnamese/Asian artists.”

We are Miratunes.com.